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Thoracolumbar Pedicular Screws



Prodorth Pedicle Screws have a unique design with V-Shaped highly sharp threads, as well as a polished surface which results in succesful clinical outcomes with long-term stability.

  • Stronger connection with friction head screw feature

  • More reliable tightening with the torx design of setscrew. Reverse angled thread design of setscrew

  • Cutting flute design for facilitating initial insertion to bone

  • Integratable with posterior cervical systems

  • Improved features for use in deformity cases

  • Strong tulip design to prevent head splay

  • Colour-coded implants for easy identification and user-friendly instrumentation to streamline the procedure

  • Titanium / Ti6Al4V-ELI (Grade 23) (ASTM F 136) is used as raw materials for Prodorth pedicle screws and these are originated only from our reliable partners in USA

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