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Anterior Cervical PEEK Cages & Bladed Anterior Cervical Peek Cages with Screws Anterior Cervical Disc Prosthesis

Anterior Cervical Peek Cages & Bladed

PROYSTER™ PROYSTER-M™ PROYSTER-D™ Prodorth Cervical Peek Cages provide a great hold on to the endplates with its blade, which allows it to be used without a plate. Prodorth Cervical Peek Cages with mono / double blade options and regular cervical peek cages are available on request.

  • Toothed surface is designed to prevent migration

  • As for the bladed options, blades provides a more reliable hold on to the endplates

  • Anatomical geometry

  • Enhanced cage-inserter connection, designed to withstand rotational forces and user-friendly instrumentation to facilitate the procedure

  • X-ray marker pins for the visibility

  • Made of PEEK material, originated from EVONIK Industries Germany. While titanium alloys give opaque image under X-Ray, PEEK materials is able to be seen transparently. This provides an efficient follow up of the bone fusion through the implant at the targeted periods

  • Maximized strong construction / Large fusion space ratio

  • Various sizes and footprints are available

Anterior Cervical Disc Prosthesis

PROCORAL™ MOTION PRESERVATION Artificial disc replacement (ADR) surgery—also known as a total disc arthroplasty or total disc replacement (TDR)—is typically performed for a patient with a cervical disc herniation that is causing significant neck pain and/or arm pain that has not responded to nonsurgical treatment options and is significantly affecting the individual’s quality of life and ability to function.

  • PEEK material at the internal mechanism provides a super-smooth surface for a perfect motion capability

  • PEEK cover which is shaped as a ring, placed around the internal mechanism in order to prevent the bone-fusion into the disc prosthesis

  • One-piece and anatomical design

  • Motion preservation

  • Dark anodized and rough surface options are available

  • Wide range of motion for flexion, extension, lateral bending and rotation

  • Reliable and stable connection with the instrument designed to withstand rotational forces and streamlined instrumentation

  • Ti6Al4V (Grade 5) is used as raw materials for Prodorth Cervical Disc Prosthesis and these are originated only from our reliable partners in USA. PEEK material is supplied from EVONIK INDUSTRIES Germany. All certificates are available on request

Anterior Cervical Peek Cage With Screws

PRORAY™ STAND ALONE CAGE Prodorth Stand-Alone Cervical PEEK Cage System provides an improved stability with the screws on it.

  • Zero profile

  • Self-Locking and Self-Tapping screws

  • Optimized screw angulation

  • X-ray marker pins for the visibility

  • Maximized strong construction / Large fusion space ratio

  • Titanium internal structure for top-notch strength

  • Three footprints and four height options are available

  • Prodorth Cervical PEEK cage with screws is available in different footprints and heights and made of a combination of PEEK (ASTM F2026) which is a polymer based composite material and Ti6Al4V (ASTM F 136). PEEK material’s modulus of elasticity is similar to vertebral bodies and it gives radiolucent imaging


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