Prodorth Cervical PEEK cage with screw provides a more reliable attachment to the vertebras due to the screw on it.

The system offers an interbody fusion device with screw fixation and is intended to be used in ACDF procedures. Prodorth PEEK cage with titanium screws and locking mechanism provides a stable fixation without the need of an anterior plate.

Prodorth Cervical PEEK cage with screw is available in different footprints and heights.This product is manufatured from PEEK (Polyether-ether-kethon/ ASTM F2026) which is a polymer based composite material, as well as Ti6Al4V grade 5 (ASTM F136 / ISO 5832-3).

Stand-alone, more effective cervical
fusion through an anterior approach

Large graft space

Locking mechanism for the screws

Practical and user-friendly

No need for an anterior plate fixation

High quality post-operative MR images

High Quality

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