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Anterior Cervical PEEK Cage With Screws



Prodorth Stand-Alone Cervical PEEK Cage System provides an improved stability with the screws on it.

  • Zero profile

  • Self-Locking and Self-Tapping screws

  • Optimized screw angulation

  • X-ray marker pins for the visibility

  • Strong construction / Large fusion space ratio

  • Titanium internal structure for top-notch strength

  • Three footprints and four height options are available

  • Prodorth Cervical PEEK cage with screws is available in different footprints and heights and made of a combination of PEEK (ASTM F2026) which is a polymer based composite material and Ti6Al4V-ELI (Grade 23) (ASTM F 136). PEEK material’s  modulus of elasticity is similar to vertebral bodies and it gives radiolucent imaging

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