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Hybrid Pedicular Screws - COMING SOON


Prodorth Hybrid Screws combine aggressive thread design for cortical attachment with a wider pitch for greater  engagement in cancellous bone. These screws feature a double-ended thread with three unique zones that promote ease of placement and optimal bone anchorage. The Initiation Zone consists of an aggressive tip for the cortical region. This tip has a greater strength to rotational forces with its slim tooth pitches. The Cancellous Zone has a more significant thread area, allowing them to hold to softer cancellous bone more efficiently. The Upper Cortical Region contains a special design consisting of slim tooth pitches, as in the first introduction of screw to increase the adhesion to the second cortical part surrounding the spongy region of the bone. The cortical zone is designed for hard cortical bone, while the cancellous zone is for softer cancellous bone.

• Hybrid Thread Design: Single & Double
• Promoted rapid insertion and enhanced pedicle fixation
• Tip design for an easier introduction
• Design Optimization of Screw Tip for Reliable initial introducing & Self-Tapping
• Wide range of implant diameter and length options according to patient anatomy

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Surgical Technique Guide
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