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Spine Surgery - TLIF Peek Cage


TLIF cages are implanted successfully. We would like to thank all surgeons involved and especially to Dr. Ibrahim Musa. We are looking forward to many more!

TLIF Peek Cage PRODOLPHIN Rotational Design Prodorth TLIF Cage has a unique placement procedure and it’s intended to restore the degenerative disc pathologies.

  • Prodorth TLIF Cage is made of a combination of PEEK (ASTM F2026) which is a polymer based composite material and Ti6Al4V (ASTM F136). PEEK material’s modulus of elasticity is similar to vertebral bodies and it gives radiolucent imaging

  • Circular toothed surface design to minimize the risk of migration

  • Multiple footprint options for various surgical solutions

  • Anatomical design

  • The implantation process is performed by a single instrument

  • Enhanced cage-inserter connection, designed to withstand rotational forces

  • Prodorth TLIF Cage provides an uninterrupted guidance during operation. It has the capability of movement to both directions


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