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Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Expandable PLIF PEEK Cage


  • Enhanced cage-inserter connection, designed to withstand rotational forces

  • Holding on to inferior and superior endplates strongly with unique surface design

  • X-Ray markers for efficient visualization during implantation

  • Toothed surface design to minimize the risk of migration

  • Easy to introduce with sharp ended design which minimize impaction

  • Axial fusion space

  • Anatomical geometry

  • Expansion stopping system is integrated for preventing overexpansion

  • Made of a combination of PEEK (ASTM F2026) which is a polymer based composite material and Ti6Al4V-ELI (Grade 23) (ASTM F 136). PEEK material’s  modulus of elasticity is similar to vertebral bodies and it gives radiolucent imaging

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