Prodorth Cervical Plate Systems is designed to meet the clinical expectations of anterior cervical surgery and it offers a wide range of plates and screw sizes. Fixation is provided by screws inserted into the vertebral body of the cervical spine using an anterior approach.


Prodorth Cervical Plate Systems consist of cervical plates, locking caps, bone screws, and the instruments required for implanting this specific system. All implant components are made from a titanium alloy grade 5 (ASTM F136 / ISO 5832-3).

Instruction for use

Variety in plate sizes which provides a convenience at implant selection for surgeons

User-friendly instrumentation

Easier and more efficient procedures are possible with only single driver to place screws and secure the locking mechanism

Simplicity for the locking mechanism
for the screws


Different bone screws can be
identified by their unique color coding.

Deep screw threads with high pull-out strength for a great fixation.

Spine System Instruments Set
Spine System Instruments Set

Anterior Cervical Plate

Instrument Set

Cervical Plate ST (5).JPG
Cervical Plate ST (3).JPG
Cervical Plate ST (8).JPG
Cervical Plate ST (9).JPG

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