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Anterior Cervical Plate System


Prodorth Cervical Plate System is designed to meet the clinical expectations of anterior cervical surgery and it offers a wide range of plates and screw sizes.

  • Low profile (2,0 mm) pre-bended plates

  • Single driver to place screws and secure the locking mechanism

  • Different bone screws can be identified by their unique color coding

  • High degree of screw angulations

  • Simplified locking mechanism of the screws

  • Self-tapping screws

  • Deep screw threads for high pull-out strength

  • Wide graft spaces

  • Prodorth Cervical Plate System consists of cervical plates, locking caps, bone screws, and the instruments required for implanting this specific system. All implant components are made from a titanium alloy Ti6Al4V-ELI (Grade 23) (ASTM F136 / ISO 5832-3)

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